Grading FAQs

Frequently asked questions related to assignments, progress reports, and other academic areas

What do I do when my student misses the assignments given on the video?

Most assignments are listed in the video instructional manual. The students may also replay the video to find the assignment. To avoid missing the assignments given on the video, have the student write them in a notebook.

What is the time limit for taking tests/quizzes?

There is no “official” time limit except on speed tests, speed drills, and speed/comprehension quizzes. Regular tests should not take longer than 30–40 minutes. Quizzes should not take longer than 10–15 minutes.

Where are the quizzes and tests?

If the quizzes or tests are not in a separate book, look in the Appendix of the video manual. Some quizzes are given orally. In this case, the quiz questions will have the answers beside them. If you do not find them in the manual, contact Abeka.

What is the difference between an answer key and a solution key?

Answer keys provide the correct answers for questions, whereas solution keys provide correct answers and also give the steps that are needed to get those answers for selected problems.

Where do I find point values for quizzes and tests?

Point values are found in the test or quiz key, the video manual, or daily lessons (K5–6th). If no point values are given, divide the number of questions on the test or quiz into 100 to determine the number of points each question is worth.

The point values do not add up to 100. Do I still subtract from 100? Why?

The numerical grades for ALL quizzes and tests are found by subtracting the number of wrong points from 100. The point values are assigned based on the level of difficulty of the test.

How do I score my child’s work?

Subtract the total number of wrong points from 100. Point values for individual questions are shown in the test or quiz key.